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tomorrow night, the crash course on the radicals surrounding the president. from new york, defending from new york, defending freedom, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." it is like the sound of music, if by music you mean my house boy pierre gnawing through his restraints. now to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, the obama apology tour continues with a soldout gig at the human rights council. we will investigate who they are succeeding up to. and cameron changes his mind about titanic. how far into the abyss this true liar has fallen and why he couldn't send an avatar. and what do americans list as their number one dream job? thing shoulding story that will make you weep for the future of this great nation. that's my opinion. i could be wrong. >> thank you.
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>> nature teaches beast to know their friend. >> pray you who knows the wolf. >> the lamb, greg. >> if it were legal i would cutoff your face and feed it to your butt. >> i think it is legal, and i apologize for nothing. >> go away, my up fromed friend. let's welcome our guests. it is martha mccolumn. if looks could kill she would be on the fbi's 10 most wanted list for killing lots of people. i want to make it clear. my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. he wreaks of cabbage and regret. and sitting next to me a first time guest. you know him as dennis miller because that's his actual name. he is an actor, political common tater and host of the show "the dennis miller show" named after him. he is so sharp that japanese businessmen fall on him when they are ashamed. and his pre 10 jus words are for the birds. good to see you pinchy. >> check out times reviewer dwight garner's report on the
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40th anniversary of the book "deliverance" or as i like to call. it the accurate representation of all southerners everywhere in the u.s. squeal like a pig, greg. >> have you pretty lips. >> you never hear annette beatty saying, can i get one more for me? >> one of the greatest moments. that was all improve, by the way. they yelled cut, but they weren't stopping. >> he was america's back end friend. >> he is like the guy in "deliverance" who puts the boat in the water and he meets you at the end of the river. you get gang raped in the middle and then he wants to hold a hearing on it. >> who is the banjo player? >> literally the same kid. >> he is in his 40ss now. >> by the way, my auto-biography will be called "getting gang raped by
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mountain people." >> sad thing is we tried to get the kid from "deliverance." he now works at a restaurant in atlanta and he turned us down. that's amazing. >> that is lucky because you have to pay is fee if you get him. you sketched me a unicorn once which i am starting to sound like meryl streep. i got you something. it is squirrel underpants. i thought, there are like five people on the planet earth, four squirrels i can buy them four. the only one who will enjoy that -- >> it will keep my nuts warm. this is all i'm doing after the show is chasing a -- well, never mind. >> has anybody ever worked the might be gay thing more to get laid by women than this guy? >> god bless you for possibly acknowledging my het row sexuality. i have a huge gay fan base that won't confirm or deny. >> there is a fan who says he
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is gay all the time. doogie houser. >> he is as gay as the day is long. my day will be long for him. when obama aimes to please, it is time to get on your knees. according to his administration, according to human rights, we are the blight. at least that is what they told the united nations recently. but at least we are trying to improve. yes, in its first ever report to the u.n human rights council, the state department says some minorities are still victims of discrimination. and despite some progress, quote, work continues to meet our goal of ensuringy -- ensuring equality. no wonder we should apologize. speaking of, sylvester stallone doesn't like them. complete sentences. but also apologies. and on "o'reilly" he said as
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much responding to an assertion that his latest flick was exploiting patriotism to help box office sales. here he is talking about his scene in the movie. >> i think one of the key lines in there he goes, "we will kill this american disease" meaning the cia people that are down there. some people read that i was maybe puting a focal point on american intrusion into other countries. you know, we tend to over extend our boundaries. i don't believe that at all. >> you were just sitting there trying to write dialogue. >> handsome as ever, o'reilly i mean. for more we go to "red eye"'s chief u.n correspondent. >> a single father going back to college to do right by hi daughter.
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>> clearly upset with the take on the economy. you can tell he was not enjoying it. welcome to the show. i have to ask you, sly stallone, you saw "the expendables" being accused of exploiting patriotism. do you buy that? >> i am getting sick of -- us len, this country is tired of people who talk about patriotism. if my yawn gets bigger they will have to assign it a hurricane nai. it is the dirty dozen for god sakes. stallone had a lot of fun. and everybody is such a buzz kill now about this country. it would appear that america's guilty pleasure now is guilt. that's all we seem to do. at least over there they pick up a shaw win chain and whip themselves over the back. we do them in the ways. it is a movie. >> if you are getting into s and m, do it. >> you know what it is, it is every movie that is been about
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not exploiting patriotism and about america being evil. and one comes out that is different, and he gets slammed for it. but the best part about it is creamed "eat, pray love." that's a good sign for america. >> "eat, pray, love" is a major merchandising. -- merchandising theme. can i say i met sylvester stallone and what a good guy. he is a down to earth good guy. we were you can taking about movies. he said, some people think "rocky" is silly. i said, there is nothing -- okay, "rocky 1" not a silly movie. good for him. people are probably watching this movie on the sly and not admitting they liked it and not admitting it. >> his wife watched it on the sly. >> sly is as smart as a whip. >> i am not allowed near him. i think when he is in the
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building we are asked to leave. >> i always admire his restraint. chart top and winkler went up to get the oscar. stallone who lives that part and cleaning out cages at the bronx zoo has to sit in the chair. god bless him for that. that's amazing restraint. i would have barged up there. >> that still remains his best movie ever. >> have you never seen "over the top"? the best arm wrestling. how could you say this? remember when he wanted to take it to the next level, took the hat and put it back. >> i have to ask bill because he is the only one that worked for stallone jie. he was my boss in a prize winning project i like to call "fly" magazine. i was the senior editor, and it was sort of a men's fitness for dudes over 50 who enjoyed hgh. and we would always see eye to eye until he stood up because he is very small. having fun, martha. what i recall is he was a great boss.
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he paid me a lot of money to do very little. the one time we didn't see eye to eye -- >> what are you doing? >> i am fondly recalling. >> it is like a fog horn and walking in the mist. >> i love thinking about him. the one time i remember he was puzzled by me and i decided to do an interview for the magazine. it was a car review and i decided to interview the suv and give him a voice, a back and forth. that was a little too out of the box for sly. he did not get that. he wanted it to be a far less meta brawn magazine. >> let's talk about the u.n. >> martha, it has to piss you off becauseth u.n consists of oppressive regimes and barbarians and i can't help but think obama thinks it is a strategy. if we humble ourselves -- or arthel vees --
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>> somehow they will change our town. >> the reason we haven't submit they had report before is it would be an insult to submit it and it would be ridiculous. since the obama administration came to office we have been submitting this report to tell everybody, we are checking into our own human right picture. we want to make sure everything is good at home. there are a few flaws. the sentence that stuck out, while stressing the u.s. has built in stave guards to promote improvements, what are those? what are they talking about? >> i have no idea. >> they infer everything will get up to the election. let's face facts. life is a perpetual goach up. we like to think this is an orderly thing, but we are crawling all over each other to get a little air and occasionally antennas will get broken, especially on bad guys when you are wrangling psycho steers, you will get broken. and bending over backwards and apologies, barack obama has a war room for everything except war.
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it is time they start focusing on the bad guys. >> i don't think america apologizes enough. >> we sure don't. >> apology is music to my guilty ear. i will say that if anybody should be do doing -- doing apologizing, it is the u.n to me. i live a couple blocks from the disgusting looking building. there are a couple things that are facts. you can ask any local. one they don't pay the parking ticket. two, they do not tip. ask any waitress that i may or may not have dated or waiter, and they will tell you across the board that awful these entitled jerks don't tip. >> i don't think this is fair research. >> no, no, no. >> you can tell a lot about a person by the way they tip. >> belgians, they smell. >> homeless people making a good buck on the eastside out near the river are guys who block fez -- fess sents. -- pheasants. >> i tried out for that job. >> last word before we move
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oithink it is another example of we have the most tone deaf president ever. he is smart, but he doesn't see that everyone is sick and tired. >> we are still putting the precursor, he is still smart. he is smart, but. >> i don't know, really? >> i should say, he is hot, but -- >> listen, i should say there is a lot of things i like about him, but i can't do the reflexive, he is a wizard thing anymore. i am starting to see some really stupid stuff where if anybody else did this, they would be penalized. stopping short of that he is smart, but. >> i am getting rid of that. >> think about it, does it look smart? >> i gave him the benefit of the doubt because i was told he was smart and he sceeps -- he keeps screwing up. you are right. you say he is smart, but then he does something stupid. >> it is his own form of den gnaw gracious. i have gone from benefit of the doubt to doubting the benefit. it has been 20 months and he is stepping at more than a
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blind man from pamplona. >> we should start a benefit for doubters. everyone comes in and doubts people. >> i want to move on to something else. >> we were cookin. >> from succeeding up to slinking off. back in marching -- are ma of, james cameron had choice words for climate changing skeptics. he challenged them to a debate saying i want to call the deny yes, sirs out on to the streets at high noon and shoot it out with the bone heads. now like many of his 12 failed marriages, cameron has backed out. it seems katherine big go low's -- bigelow's exwas attending the air-a-day and he was at some environmental conference in apsen, colorado and he invited three climate change skeptics to debate him. the plan, agreed by all, it
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would be those three veer -- versus cameron and scientists and it would stream live on the internet, much like bill. according to one of the three invited skeptics, that's when things got weirder than cameron's doll-like hair. she says cameron started demanding changing including turning the debate into a round table and then banning the public and then the media and then banning recordings whatsoever. and then he president whated everyone to give him nude piggyback rides. she said they agreed to the clangs, even that -- changes and even that one. the day before the debate was to occur, cameron's rep said the debate was canceled and they replaced it with this --
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>> that is impressive. that was really impressive. >> that was the w be ster in a costume. bunnies can't do anything. bunnies have no brains. we all know that. >> how fun to be in the middle and watching it for years. >> is it better than you thought? >> it is a gas. i first started watching it when garroway and the chimp were on. it is a post modern al gunkwin. i. >> i replaced the chimp with bill. you have to change their diapers and they do fling their feces. >> but unlike the chimp i can write my name in feces. >> in cursive. if he was confident enough, why did he pull out? >> he couldn't film it and edit it and it may make him look -- people would say, he is really smart, but this happened when he had these arguments. he is clearly having second thoughts about global warming. >> it is easy to criticize
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blow balance warming skeptics. but then you have to do your homework and he didn't want to do his homework. >> cameron is a 2d character. he is a bit of a facad. he is one of the store fronts you see on the tram ride at universal city. there is not much behind. it the child-like sense of awe lends itself to film making. he earned $3 billion on two films so it lends itself to that. i met jim cameron and he has been sweet to me. i will say, if you are going to throw this stuff on, you have to answer the call. here is my feeling quickly on global warming. what is the crux of the problem? over the last century the temperature on the planet has gone up 1.8 degrees. maybe, or maybe not. excuse me for not trusting the temperature in 1906. we were defecating in the woods, but i'm supposed to believe they had a strangle hold on the temperature. y swreeky -- ezie ky el put a
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candlestick out there and what is the temperature? >> i have a serious issue with going to the bathroom inside where you live. i think it makes no sense. >> i prefer bark over toilet paper. i do. for a lot of reasons. >> bill, you spend most of your time writing "avatar" fan fiction. you must be devastated your idol ran off. >> i am devastated. may i remind you he is part of the news corp empire. not-to-be a company man, but james, keep on keeping on. stay away from the bad global warming deniers. >> can you imagine if you were debating him though? when those guys are cornered -- when somebody is cornered one of these days and they will not handle drowning as cool as leo did in the titanic. you don't want to be out there with them when they realize they are going up in flames. >> it was great. you could see what was happening in his head because the whole idea kept shrinking. it was going to be this thing
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where he wipes the floor with everybody, and then it game, we will just have a discussion and joke. then there was no cameras. >> the part i was confused about is he had the option of having control of the cam trough and he said no. he could have cgieds ed the crap out of it and turned their language. he didn't do it. i am so angry my sd just came out of my ear. >> global warming is a hard issue. you have to read a lot. he didn't feel like reading. it was too easy to be at a cocktail party and spout the one or two sentences. >> surrounded by people who agree with everything you say. >> he will say the reason he didn't do it, he didn't want to lend credence to the skeptics. that's what he will say. >> the only mistake is to put two short a horizon line on the stipulation of what will happen.
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you have to make sure you will be dead first. because then you can get it in there and look good. i will any buy the curely cue. i don't want my living room like "the born ultimatum." >> you use the curly-cue light bulb, don't you? >> it has never been lit. >> billy was in the bob crane films. it was a pretty limited bunch. >> i don't know who he is. >> wait, he was the guy who helped with the porn. >> have i to take a break. coming up, can a human body fit in a trash compacter? martha tells us how she did it in three easy steps. first, all of our anchors are murderers. what is the ultimate dream job? i will tell what you it is not, the guy who shaves my back.
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i got an egg [pop] i got gum a kazoo a candy necklace for forty cents, i got one of these [pop] a stamp helium fabric softener [pop] lipstick two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're hiv positive. those pills cost about forty cents a day.
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the world is a stage when it comes to earning a wage? most working these be yens say no, but it will not stop acting if coming in first of all dream jobs. a third of all-americans are ready for their close up with the next most wanted gig being a professional athlete. while president and rock star, often the same thing, only struck 13% of the population's fancy. an amazing 50% said they wanted to make out with me. not really a job, but i can't argue. the least likable job? musical instrument weapon maker. >> the best thing about it is it still plays.
3:24 am
>> nobody wants to do anything honorable anymore like that young man. >> who is to say that's not honorable? i remember goodman was a safeness. youtube is obviously the way kids think. you can't even discourage a kid anymore because it used to involve sitting around with law gnaw turner and waiting for george cubin to come by. now you can go on youtube and overnight come up with something quirky. >> this from the star of "tales from the crypt." >> what happened there is angie everhart told me -- the great sylvester stallone at the last second one of the minor baldwins fell out of the role. they called me and i said no. i named a price, and then the next thing you know i am in a vampire fight at 3:00 in the
3:25 am
morning with cory feldman. said, this is what i had planned anyway this week. >> a great story. >> is what that post or pre no longer abusing cory -- abusing drugs cory feldman? >> he was clean, but -- listen, i am happy for the kid he is clean. he wanted to get back into the business so he was all honest. it is the end of a 14-hour day. >> there is nothing more annoying than a post drunk sober person. i would rather have you remain a drunk or drug addict than all of a sudden you are raring to go. you have too much energy. martha, this thing scares me because people would rather pretend to do something than actually do something. they would rather play a fireman than become a fireman. >> i agree. the problem is they have these 16-year-old birthday parties where they hire the paparazzi and limo where you can feel like a movie star. what in the world? can you imagine asking your
3:26 am
parents when you turn 16, can i have pop raw -- paparazzi? just blow the candles out. this whole generation is me, me, me, me. it is really scary. >> if i told my mom -- i i did go to acting school for two years. >> i can tell. if i told my mom i wanted possible a paparazzi she would have thought i was talking about chef-boy-ardee. it was a miracle of nature how i was conceived. >> kids want all of the winnings without the effort. when they see acting they don't see the crap. >> better for your kids if you are steering them like you should. you tell them, listen, there is a big opening. you have a lot of the american dream now in the hands of daydreamers. if you want to play by the rules and bust your ass it is easier to get the real stuff. there are a lot of kids in dream land. >> they are so vulnerable and
3:27 am
so naive it is awesome, dennis. all i have to do is put out one ad and i get like 40 or 50 of them back at my apartment. i just say independent film maker. i can convince them anything is a camera. >> yes, that ice cream truck is full of a lot of things and ice cream ain't one of them. >> he has the bad fake wood in the basement and the calvin kline. all right, well they are of age now. do you have a comment? e-mail us at red eye at fox news .com. to leave a voicemail, 212-462-5050. still to come, the laugh time report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by thinking caps. it helps people determine how to accomplish a certain test.
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thanks, thinking cap.
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welcome back. let's find out if we have got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. what else do you have besides a my little pony hair brush lodged in your person. >> is that what that is? >> saved you a trip to the doctor.
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>> dennis, you claimed you were walking down madison avenue and you happened to see squirrel underpants? >> well, there is a squirrel with the under pabsts. >> nobody happens to see squirrel underpants. >> i was in a toy store and just had a $17 grilled cheese. they looked like a bar good evening at that place. >> at any price. >> i usually buy things like that when i am drun. you buy it when you are full. >> i was trying to return the favor. the uni corn thing made me laugh and i we hardly knew each other. it is like a kidnap note from the zodiac. >> it is when you think about it. it is not about me. it is about the unicorn. >> u.s. admits human right in the u.n. report. martha, i think you left out bali in the places of "eat, pray, love." >> i knew if anybody would
3:33 am
know that it would be you. >> i don't know. >> no, it was bali. >> you are right. it is true. >> let me ask you about the woman in "eat, pray, love." does the woman come off as a bit of a pain in the butt? >> yes. the husband just wrote hi own story. he is like, wait a minute. >> yeah, she was blowing out of dodge when she got a win. she said, i want to take another car. >> it is one of the most awful books. i haven't read it, but it is one of the most awful books. >> i didn't see the cover. >> i have to say the woman in the book came across as having an annoying laugh and being overpaid. >> i thought the book was about courtney love. >> farce -- as far as casting
3:34 am
it was good. >> cobain didn't know what hit him. >> this was the u.n story, right? >> yeah. >> hard to tell. >> i wept down and took the u.n tour and even the guide book was spine less. >> martha, you said we haven't admitted a report because it would be insulting. countries on the council include pakistan where it is a crime in the quran and where hindus are discriminated against. they make up 2% of the population. zap be -- zap be yaw where are forced for labor. >> don't forget iran had their turn as the head. >> and libya is next. >> nice stuff. good stuff. >> you don't have a problem with the u.n being a group of
3:35 am
thugs, murderers and tyrants. >> i am a neighborhood man, andy. by the way, my apartment is homeless stoning. and i might have gone there before the show. >> it is where the sla holdup. >> i have a large pull out that fits all of them. >> well then pull it out every once in awhile. >> that's a very drag impression. >> dennis, we asked bill to stop making the jokes. can you please not encourage him. i said, what is the deal? the guy said i have 17 children. he said, i love my wife, and the other man said i love my cigar. it is like andy with his calls. james cameron backs out of climate change debate. greg, cameron hasn't had had
3:36 am
12 failed marriages, it is just five including one to linda hunt. >> i loved him in the year of -- well, anyway. >> how good did mel gibson look? to watch what is happening. you know, the reason i am here tonight i had a window in my schedule. i was signed to be on stage at the dorothy chandler pavilion with mel, but the whole thing. i am having the ramp translated into the original. >> martha, i don't think cameron is having doubts about man made global warning. he is used to being in control, and he couldn't deal with the fact it wasn't going to be like that. it is my party and i will cry if i want to. >> and debating is not a good show. >> excellent point. >> i thought the dialogue was
3:37 am
beautiful in "avatar." >> know what that is? >> the guy that swoons in spencer's gifts. >> geeing, that was the pills talking. >> all movies are great on pills. >> dolls. >> polls show americans want to be actors. i guess nobody checked, but the question on the survey was, quote, which of the following jobs would you most like to have? athlete, actor, president and rock star. all this proves is out of their four choices americans be can be an access. -- an actor. >> dennis, do you think it is more than americans who would want to be stars and not that they want to be actors? >> yeah, you know, i think you hit the nail on the head. most kids don't want to do the hard work. they don't want to be doing
3:38 am
"bye-bye birdie." they want to be out on the red car -- red carpet. >> not a lot of musical theater in their blood. >> i think they need to become groupies. >> he said he attends a night of broadway at the white house. it reminded me of why we had to build the mosque. >> where is the islamic broadway musical. owe occasionally they will be on" fiddlers on the roof ." >> it is not gypsies, it is murder gypsy. >> i was told there are no gays. >> it is tough to stay in the closet when the door is beated. >> that is -- when the door is beaded. that's one of many things that is beaded. >> that would hit close to
3:39 am
home. that would hit in home. >> i am out of here. >> really, bill -- i mean andy. >> okay, go away. coming up, what is it like to borrow $100 from the host of red eye and never pay it back. but first, he was the best weekend update ever. but since nora mcdonald
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this next portion of the show is intended for a live whipped cream jujitsu experience. but whipped cream is too expensive and jujitsu is for pussys. you care more about your new york times. >> that was four hours at arts and crafts class. >> the time sdz no longer a paper. it is what acrobats climb. we got a bunch of creditses from twitter, people who tweet. and we have them here.
3:43 am
i will read some of them to you. how would you describe yourself politically? >> i think i am socially liberal to people with similar genitals it is on my list of things to worry. if some jerkoff uh cro the seas, i want our guys to kill their guys first. at "red eye" we are all pro gay marriage. i am in the same world you are. what do you do when you deal with people who are 95% with you, conservatively. >> i don't try to change their mind. some christians believe if they get behind gay marriage they go to hell. i haven't been on this planet lung november to get have involved with people. i don't try to change their mind. if you are a 12-year-old boy and watching a movie "boy on a dolphin" and sophia loren
3:44 am
crawls up and is stand thrg on the deck boat with the see through top and water driping off her skin and on to the boat. if you are 12 years old and watching that and still want to] bleep --] bleep [the captain of the boat, are you gay. >> that should be the begin of every editor's letter for the end of time. just that one on repeat. >> what if it was "gilligan's island" and not that. >> well that is questionable because gilligan's gender was questionable. >> what if it was flipper? >> yeah, people are flipper naysayerses say it was only built for things to come out of it. >> the professor. >> definitely the professor. >> what could obama do to get
3:45 am
your vote in 2012? >> admit he is wrong, but it is not going to happen. not on everything. say, listen, i miss played this. it catching up to you. at some point he hate to admit it, and i don't know how smart he is, but he would use his genius through the america he sees in his mind's eye as opposed to what he sees in front of him. at some point he needs to say, listen, this is obviously the best country. we can tweak a few things, but i love this joint. i always feel he is a little embarassed. >> that's where the apologetic nature comes in. >> the country as it is is not perfect. >> i feel like i remember 94 when clinton said he did do this. remember when he said" thank, you told me what you wanted and you didn't want what i was
3:46 am
doing." >> all i remember is i did not have sex with that other country. i like the way barack obama handled it. and this is what people like. they like action. when they got the female journalists out of north korea -- even though i don't think clinton knew what was going there. >> i did not specifically order these girls. >> i ordered the kim bassinger look alike. >> it had a happy inning. >> i am sending these back. i told them i could send them back and don't put it on my credit card. >> what is what the worst s and l guest during your tenure? >> it is a tough big. -- tough gig. as i get older and i have been the worst gee, you zip it. listen, i have had a couple things over the years where you were the worst guest.
3:47 am
it is a hard gig. some you knee were bulletproof like alex baldwin. you could hit this guy with a light sabre and you wouldn't notice it. you think, this is fun to be watched. >> a lot of people haven't done anything like that. >> god bless for betty white winning the emmy. you get around noon and you are gone until 2 and you are exiesed. i talked to somebody that was there she did the complete air and then hit the ball. >> 88 years old. >> and i would also like to add at the after party until 3:00 in the damn morning. >> doing lines on a toilet seat. >> x-nay on the lines-a of. >> they were running lines on the bo day. >> were you single during
3:48 am
saturday night live? >> for awhile. >> what guests could you have hooked up with? harry dean stanton. he what gu hot -- he was hot. >> i can see that happening. he is sexy. >> you hosted a late night show and you are a professional. what advice do you have for this show? >> don't try to hard. you know the advice. this thing never sweats it. the moment you look like you want to get into the mainstream, it will be deadly. they are not giving you the budget. it is such a great play. i am like a slot living through you. you are coming in an hour and a half. it is a gas. >> there is no advice to be better on this? >> nobody can be better than you. you are perfect. i tivo it. i said this cat runs a nice ship. you are brilliant. >> isn't that nice? >> the best "red eye" moment
3:49 am
ever. >> shut up. >> we never get compliments. >> it was for him. what am i linda blair? you interest didn't see my head turn your way. >> this sippet the only puppet on the show. >> wasn't this on the park? >> how did you know i was in the park and it was george. >> it was actually george michael. he was arrested once again. >> we have to take a break. when we come back, more stuff, maybe mail time or another story. i haven't made up my mind yet.
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now it is time for something fun. that's fun. here is new york governor david patterson on tuesday thanking president obama for something. >> we thank president barack obama and secretary of education arne duncan for coming up with the race for the top concept and for demonstrating now that the adherence to their protocols on the parts of those states -- >> i just want to watch it
3:54 am
again, but just keep an eye on the woman on the left. >> it is the kid john henson who used to host the soup. >> the secretary of education for coming up with the race to the cock -- top concept and standing by it even when it is criticized all over and for demonstrating that the adherence to their protocols on the protocolses of those states who were able to be -- >> that was enjoyable. >> public speaking is a disaster, isn't it? you never know what is going to come out of it. >> nothing sneaks by. >> poor guy. >> what was the celeste -- selieestial or be that -- arb that wept around her head? >> sometimes you can develop -- >> that is called the culian
3:55 am
dating -- >> she was cool and then she looks over -- >> if what you say is true why do i feel like some edit someone will put an orb around me jie. his other senses have been super attentive and he could feel it. >> i could feel it all the way over here. >> that's actually me. >> it was a beautiful moment. we'll close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. to see recent shows go to fox news .com slash red eye. it is really that simple. i wouldn't lie to you about that. ;7
3:56 am
3:57 am
3:58 am
time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> martha, how is everything going on your morning show? >> my little morning show? how is everything on this little show going? everything is going great. everything is great. i'm preparing for the big news
3:59 am
quiz tomorrow night and i will be asking about john wayne and boxing or clint ea wood. -- clint eastwood. >> it is so smooth in the morning. but he needs to wear more dickies. >> they are under rated. >> you don't get so hot under your jacket. >> it is hard when you go overseas to a war zone. nobody does the smooth bill hertz thing in the morning and then in the war zone. he is great. >> a pleasure. >> and the thing -- since he got the drinking under control he is so much better. >> he is so much better. >> everything is smoother. >> drink of choice was always chocolate milk. >> i know, but it was too much. >> when he would drink too much he would come back with a dickie hickey. >> that's why he only come on the show once every six months maybe. >> i am not suitable for prime time. >> andy, how much time do we have left?

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